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IMM launches a technology to read the meters remotely. Thanks the application to start in pilot zones, ISKI will access the meter data via wireless communication method, starting in June. The problems faces with physical meter reading will be eliminated. Gas meters will also be integrated in the system following the tests for water users.

Focusing on the smart meters with a view to eliminating the challenges encountered in physical meter reading, the Municipality of Greater Istanbul (IMM) introduces the application in pilot zones. The bills included in TOKI Houses, 15 Temmuz neighbourhood, Esenler as well as Dusler Vadisi Riva Housing Project will be read remotely from now on. The project will start in June in 2,124 houses in Esenler and 1,500 houses in Beykoz. With the introduction of the system, IMM will achieve significant saving and efficiency in terms of staff and costs.

20,000 SMART METERS IN 2022

Noting that they launched the smart meter infrastructure with the principle of adapting the technology to their services, Raif Mermutlu ISKI General Manager mentioned that they plan to complete the transition to a total of 20 thousand smart meters by 2022. Conveying that they are conducting trial tests at certain points across Istanbul, Mr. Mermutlu added, “With the smart metering project, we will be able to perform the readings remotely, which we would normally carry out through physical visits to subscribers’ residences in person every month. Likewise, we will be able to perform operations remotely, including activation/deactivation procedures. What’s more, we will be able to provide the residents of Istanbul with instant information about consumption values. In doing all this, we will also save a significant amount of time and costs. Some tests are underway now. If it proves efficient, we plan to further extend it all across Istanbul. ”


LoRaWAN technology is used in the project where ISTTELKOM, a subsidiary of IMM, has undertaken the telecommunication infrastructure part. Stating that the operations such as meter reading, activation and deactivation will be done remotely in a controlled manner owing to ‘LoRaWAN’ communication system,  Yucel Karadeniz, General Manager of ISTTELKOM AS, noted that they aim to achieve economic contributions through savings on field labor costs thanks to the project.


LoRaWAN(Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless IoT communication technology that enables long distance, bidirectional, open source, reliable and affordable data transfer with low power consumption. Using radio frequency ranges, LoRa can connect across a distance of up to 15 km outdoor, while the endpoint connected devices can communicate smoothly for about 8 to 15 years.


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