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Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Solutions

The Data Centre is a facility that houses additional systems such as computer systems and telecommunication and data warehouse systems. These facilities, also known as server room or system room, are the areas where server and data warehouses are located.

Today, it is very important to keep the data as safe as possible. We aim to provide data centre and hosting solution services to all institutions and organizations, especially Istanbul Metropolitan municipality, with sustainable, high-capacity, redundant and uninterrupted access services.

İSTTELKOM shall manage and store systems and data safely and reliably by establishing new generation data centres in multiple locations throughout Istanbul.

In the framework of the strengthening and expansion of information and telecommunication investments within the development strategies of the countries, sustainability of growth, vital importance for global and regional development and efficiency of resources, “big data” management is an integral part of this. It is planned to prevent waste of resources with one hand management of the systems.

Our Data Centre’s Service Solution Headlines;

  • Cloud Services
  • Access Services
  • Security Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Server Hosting
  • Management Services


Modern interior of server room in datacenter

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