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Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Solutions

ISTTELKOM offers data center services to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality departments, its subsidiaries and public institutions to keep their information safe, secure, accessible and reliable with its high standards and advanced technology.

The data center has its own fiber optic infrastructure and is managed at international standards. Servers that host critical applications in the data center provide continuous uptime, high-speed and secure access services.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality data center has been established to meet the needs of Istanbul’s digital data management in the most effective way, so that other institutions will not have to install and operate high-cost system rooms or data centers.

IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) data center provides companies with a wide range of data center services, including security, data storage, hosting and cloud.

With our Data Center services, you can reduce risks and save money while increasing your productivity and competitiveness with our cloud services.

We are at your service with our Tier III design and facility certified IMM Data Center solutions which is adding power to Turkey’s digital conversion with our strong technology, superior network infrastructure and international data standards.

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