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İSTTELKOM , in order to meet the needs of Information Technologies and electronic communication services and to contribute to the solutions of telecommunication infrastructure problems, under the name of  İSTTELKOM Istanbul Elektronik Haberleşme ve Altyapı Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established as an independent enterprise.

İSTTELKOM aims to facilitate and enrich social life by creating new values in the fields of Information Technologies and telecommunication solutions, and to be the most accurate address that brings its customers to the future with fast, quality and economical services.

İSTTELKOM aims to provide the efficient and efficient use of country resources by producing unique and flexible solutions in the holistic approach in the management of telecommunication services, and to become a company that will serve as a model for world cities by providing the latest technology and reliable electronic communications network services in its region.

The need for fiber optic communication infrastructure is increasing day by day due to the increasing demand for rapid communication, and the new infrastructure investment requirements are needed forming. İSTTELKOM A. Ş provides backbone network services to institutions / organizations for all kinds of electronic communications and fast internet communication by making fiber optic infrastructure investments that will meet the telecommunication needs of the future, creating a sustainable competitive environment and creating diversity.

İSTTELKOM aims to provide its customers, business partners and society with strong and preferred communication infrastructure services that exceed expectations in the electronic communications market by planning the service formats that use the most innovative technological solutions required by modern intelligent urbanization.

İSTTELKOM continues its activities by adapting the needs of institutions / organizations in the field of information and communication to the innovations and exchanges brought up by the ages and continue the activities of accessible telecommunication services which protect the urban life order without sacrificing quality.

Our Service and Solution Areas

  • Communication Network Infrastructure Operation Service
  • Data Centre Solutions
  • Radio Services
  • IBB WiFi Services
  • Internet of Things Services
  • Smart City Furniture
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