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Human Resources


Applications to our institution can be made on the website https://kariyer.ibb.istanbul/

Human Resources and Basic Policies in This Field

We use human resources activities efficiently with the determination of personnel needs of the units, correct identification of training needs of the employees, importance given to employee satisfaction, support and organizations that increase employee motivation.

Our institution works with professional, qualified, trained, open to change and development, dynamic, team spirit, helpful personnel and managers leading these personnel in line with their targets and needs. Making this team stronger is one of our most important goals.

HR Policy 

İSTTELKOM AŞ., acting with “human-oriented approach “in every stage of production and management processes applies human resources systems in line with corporate targets and strategies. In this direction, targets and needs related to the institution are determined and for the employees:

Continuous training opportunities are offered in both personal and professional contexts.

Performance evaluations are carried out with objective criteria, providing support for the development of low performances while rewarding high performances.

By supporting the realization of individual targets, increasing corporate performance is achieved.

Wage Policy

At İSTTELKOM  A.S. ,the wage is determined in accordance with the wage policy which is shaped according to the person’s knowledge, skill, experience, educational status and the level of knowledge, skill and responsibility required by the task. Wages are paid to employees on a monthly basis and bonuses are paid monthly.

Annual increase rates are determined by the approval of the Board of Directors according to the position and performance. Personnel wages are adjusted once a year depending on inflation data and performance.

Non-Wage Facilities

According to the Labour Law No. 4857, İSTTELKOM A.Ş. employees are paid all kinds of legal rights such as S.G.K premiums and unemployment insurance premiums on the basis of the salary they receive.

The monthly route fee is paid for the transportation of the personnel. Food service is provided to employees by the company.

Social assistance is also provided to increase staff satisfaction.

In general, human resources policy and employee rights and responsibilities are guaranteed by the personnel regulations.

 Education Policy

The training process for the new personnel in the family starts with orientation training in order to get the company to know better, to understand the organizational structure more clearly, and to introduce the processes of doing business, the working system and the employees to the new personnel. Orientation training ensures efficient management of personnel ‘ compliance with the institution, working environment and work.

The training process, which starts with orientation training, is continuous with training to improve the professional and personal knowledge and skills of the personnel. These trainings are determined according to the needs of the personnel and the institution and contribute to the targets and strategies of the institution

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