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  • Information
  • Quality Service
  • Institutionalization
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Impartiality and Reliability
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Responsibility to Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability


  • Providing quality-oriented products and services within the framework of legislation and standards that value people in line with customer’s wishes and expectations,
  • To obtain the unconditional customer satisfaction in the quality of the products and services and after sales services,
  • Continuously improve the processes that affect our company’s targets and product quality,
  • Ensuring full participation of employees in order to achieve the objectives,
  • To increase the admiration and awareness,
  • To adopt an innovative management approach,
  • Increasing the consistency of using resources efficiently and effectively with the understanding of performance-based management system,
  • To produce generous products in regards to energy consumption, Working in mutual cooperation and security with our stakeholders and producing mutual values,
  • By providing continuous development of our employees through continuous and effective training, to increase their competence and individual contributions,
  • To give importance to the data-based information management system to make effective decisions.


Quality Management Documents We Have

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate
  • ISO 270001 Information Security Management System Certificate
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate


The main theme of the TS EN ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System is to show that information security management is provided in human, infrastructure, software, hardware, organizational information, third party information and financial resources, to guarantee risk management, to measure information security management process performance and to regulate relations with third parties in matters related to information security.

In this respect, the aim of our BGYS policy is as follows;

  • To manage information assets, determine the security values, needs and risks of assets, develop and implement controls for security risks
  • To define the framework to be determined by methods to determine the assets, values, security needs weaknesses and the frequency of threats to assets.
  • To identify a framework for assessing the impact of threats on assets of privacy, integrity, accessibility
  • To put forth working principles for the processing of risks
  • To monitor continuously risks by reviewing technological expectations within the context of the scope of service
  • To meet the legal and related legislation requirements from the national or international regulations to which it is subject, to meet the obligations arising from the agreements, to provide the information security requirements arising from the company’s responsibilities to the internal and external stakeholders.
  • To reduce the impact of information security threats on service continuity and contribute to continuity
  • To be able to respond quickly to information security incidents that may occur and to minimize the impact of the incident
  • Cost-effective control infrastructure, maintain and improve the level of information security over time.
  • To improve the reputation of the company, to protect the negative effects based on information security.


  • To ensure institutionalization, to improve continuously and to increase awareness,
  • Active implementation of dynamic management structures that will make productivity and productivity continuous,
  • Increasing brand awareness and value,
  • To make improvements and improvements in our products and services in order to maintain our corporate interests in accordance with the evolving conditions,
  • To increase national and international recognition and to have a say in the market,
  • To bring different understanding to the sector,
  • Improving corporate capacity,
  • To produce innovative and global values.


In carrying out our products and services; to provide all necessary protection in order not to damage the environment and ecological balance;

  • To take the necessary measures to minimize our negative impacts on the environment in our activities for sustainable and sustainable future,
  • Protecting natural resources and using them in the most efficient way,
  • To reduce our waste from its source as much as possible, to try to implement the possibilities of re-use or recycling, to dispose of our non-recycling wastes without damaging the environment,
  • Use all the facilities we have to use renewable energy sources, consume minimal energy, and provide environmentally friendly products and services,
  • To work together with all our employees and suppliers in the field of environment to improve the level of knowledge and awareness in order to contribute to a liveable world for our future,
  • To increase the awareness of the environment by cooperating with the stakeholders in which we share the same environment, especially the institutions and organizations in our region,
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance by keeping our environmental aspects and environmental impacts from our activities and products under constant control, to comply with environmental related legal regulations.
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