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 İSTTELKOM Istanbul Electronic Communication and Infrastructure Services Ind.Trade. Co.Ltd. (“İSTTELKOM Inc.”) takes all required technical and legal measures in the processing of your personal data during its activities, as per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”). You can access detailed information about our processing of your personal data, transferring them to third parties and legal reasons for collecting personal data as well as your rights and privileges in KVKK.

A-Purposes of Personal Data Processing

The Data controller or real/legal persons appointed by him may process your personal data to:

  1. Perform the required services under the duties and responsibilities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (“İBB”) in accordance with the Law on Metropolitan Municipalities No. 5216 and related legislation,
  2. Ensure communication and cooperation between our company and İBB; facilitate coordination thereamong; carry out common business activities; identify the needs of our employees; fulfill the contractual obligations; ensure occupational health and safety together with business continuity; establish a common database; ensure its operation; provide ease of communication and marketing; and make brand and reputation management,
  3. Sturdily deliver the products and services produced and offered by our company, İBB and other İBB affiliates to our consumers, suppliers, business partners and public institutions in parallel with the realization of our commercial/public and social aims,
  4. Provide proper services to the people who live in Istanbul and present in our city for various reasons and ensure that they benefit from public services readily and effectively,
  5. Fulfill our contractual obligations in accordance with applicable laws
  6. Carry out our required quality and standard inspections or fulfill other obligations postulated by laws and regulations,
  7. Fulfill our after-service obligations,
  8. Execute and control the contracts to which our company is a party,
  9. Ensure the legal certainty of real/legal persons having commercial relations with our company,
  10. Identify and implement our commercial business strategies,
  11. Prepare various reports, researches and presentations; plan emergency management processes; conduct accounting and monitor fiscal issues; and ensure security in our company,
  12. Promote and announce our company and its activities by informing the public through seminars and other social events organized/attended by our company, award ceremonies, and photos and videos taken at corporate meetings,
  13. Report changes to legislation or policies we adopt or make statements concerning the data owner,
  14. Provide internet access for our guests visiting our working areas,
  15. Ensure the safety of our employees, our guests and our company buildings through camera recording and other security measures, and control the entrance and exits,
  16. Detect the communication in voice and call recordings and determine the content thereof, in case of communication with our call centers or company phones,
  17. Plan and execute the services and various logistics activities,
  18. Conduct customer satisfaction activities,
  19. Create statistical data, record visitor information and provide feedback for the cases where our website is visited,
  20. Perform employee personal rights and benefits more effectively through SAP, PDKS and other platforms.

B-Transfer of Personal Data  

We may transfer your processed personal data for the above purposes and in accordance with the conditions set by KVKK to:

  1. Our business partners or İBB and its affiliates, to ensure the continuity and coordination of our public services/commercial activities,
  2. Our suppliers, business partners, İBB and its affiliates in a limited way, to provide products and services,
  3. İBB, Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Public Procurement Authority, authorized public institutions and organizations; and under the relevant contracts, to private integrator companies, independent audit firms, financial advisors/accounting companies, for the purpose of auditing our public related service activities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation,
  4. Legally authorized public institutions and organizations as well as judicial bodies in line with any request of the relevant public institutions and organizations and limited to the purpose(s) of the request,
  5. İBB and its Affiliates as well as our suppliers and solution partners for the purpose of establishing a common database and facilitating its operability, easing the communication, and making brand and reputation management,
  6. Our suppliers to prepare and implement strategies for our public services and commercial activities,
  7. Real/legal persons and public institutions and organizations with which we cooperate, to realize the business activities and public services of our company,
  8. Domestic and/or foreign private and public legal entities, to increase the recognition and brand value of the company and to improve the internet infrastructure, keeping it up-to-date,
  9. İBB, İBB Affiliates and the companies providing services in organizing events, conferences, celebrations, weddings and similar social events,
  10. Occupational health and safety companies, hospitals and health institutions, to meet the obligations of emergency medical interventions and of occupational health and safety,
  11. Software and technology companies established in Turkey and abroad, to create databases of operating systems and softwares such as SAP, CRM, ERP, QDMS, Patrol, IOMA and to ensure program sustainability, making their maintenance and repair,
  12. To solution partner companies, suppliers and companies operating in the field of repair, maintenance, repair and service,
  13. Institutions/organizations established in Turkey and abroad, which provides security, technology and cloud services,
  14. Consulting firms specialized in the management and human resources, financial, commercial and fiscal issues, to develop new business areas, promote our quality standards and reduce costs.

C-Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is collected by our Company or real/legal persons who process the data on behalf of our Company under your explicit consent or other data processing terms and conditions set out in KVKK, through application forms, white desk, web site, various contracts, all kinds of information forms, surveys, job application forms, employment contracts, social media applications, written, verbal and digital notifications by İBB and other affiliates, our suppliers and business partners, call centers, including but not limited to, oral, written or electronic channels.

This information is obtained for the purpose of offering our commercial and administrative activities under the laws and conducting the public services of our Company, ensuring its business validity and fulfilling the obligations arising from the laws in a true, complete and accurate way.

D-Storing and Destructing Personal Data

Our company stores personal data in compliance with and proportionate to the purpose of the personal data processing. Personal data is stored until the end of the term required by the relevant legislation even if the purpose and/or cause of processing has become invalid. Once the purpose and reason for the processing of personal data is eliminated, the personal data will be destructed when the period of limitations required by the fulfillment of our obligations under the law is satisfied. Destruction and anonymization of the personal data under the exemption arising from the public service will be performed in accordance with the applicable legislation.

E-Rights of Data Subject

Each person has the following rights as per Article 11 of the KVKK:

  1. To learn whether personal data are processed or not,
  2. To request information if his/her personal data are processed,
  3. To learn the purpose of his/her data processing and whether this data is used for intended purposes,
  4. To know the third parties to whom his/her personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
  5. To request, in case personal data is incomplete or inaccurately processed, that these data be corrected and that the transaction made within this scope be notified to third parties to whom the personal data is transferred,
  6. To request erasure or destruction of personal data in case the reasons that require processing have been eliminated despite the fact that they have been processed in accordance with the KVKK and other relevant legal provisions, and also request that the transaction made within this scope be notified to third parties to whom the personal data is transferred,
  7. To object a consequence arising to the detriment of himself/herself by analyzing the processed data exclusively by automatic means,
  8. To claim compensation in case of damage arising from unlawful processing of his/her personal data.

The data subject may submit his/her claims regarding these rights in writing to the following address by sending them to our Company via notary public or in person by presenting a valid ID card. These claims of the data subject will be assessed and finalized free of charge as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty (30) days. Should the assessment and decision-making process incurs any cost, the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board will be applied.

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Respectfully announced to the public.

F-Identity of the Data Controller

Internet Address:  https://isttelkom.istanbul

Central Registration System (Mersis) Number: 0481 0575 9270 0001

Phone Number: 0212 401 38 50

Email Address         : [email protected], [email protected]

Address                    : 19 Mayıs, Aytekin Kotil Cd. Cevahir Business Center D: 8, Mecidiyekoy-Şişli/Istanbul

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