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Common Radio Services (CRS)

İSTTELKOM Istanbul electronic communications and infrastructure services, IT technologies and communication authority (BTK) provides joint use wireless services (OKTH) to institutions and companies in need throughout Istanbul within the scope of the authorization certificate issued by the authorization Department.

OKTH – joint-use radio services local/wide area relay radios can be used by the establishment of leased Radio infrastructures (analogue or digital) that can meet the communication needs of radio users between locations, in-facility etc. communication needs such as electronic communication infrastructures are met with a professional approach through operators with operating standards.

Frequency renting: The status of the relays belongs to the institutions and only the frequency allocation is provided through the operator.

Relay Rental: Relays belong to the operator and the condition that the relay and frequency rental will be provided together through the operator.

The radio license and frequency usage Fee are subject to change until the evaluation rate determined by the Ministry of Finance every year, and these fees are subject to change.

The web address is up to date at BTK’s web address http://www.btk.gov.tr/tr-TR/Sayfalar/Telsiz-Ucret-Tarifesi.


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