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Facility Sharing

Facility Sharing

Facility sharing is the service of using passive infrastructures such as pipes, ducts and eyes which are owned by electronic communication network operators for Fee to other operators. High-speed broadband services need to be delivered to end users in the installation of new generation networks, pipe, and channel, eye, such as the sharing of existing facilities, efficient use of resources and duplication of investment is important in terms of.

In this context, as a result of the studies carried out by the Information Technologies and communication authority, all operators authorized to establish and operate fixed electronic communications infrastructure by the decision of the Board dated 12/04/2013 and numbered 2013/DK- ETD /187 have been obliged to share their pipes, ducts and eyes with other operators upon request. The “principles and procedures regarding the evaluation of plant sharing requests and the presentation of the service “which includes the application details of the obligation has been revised to be effective from 01/09/2015 with the decision of the Board of 29/07/2015 dated 2015/DK-ETD/359.

İSTTELKOM provides facility sharing services.

In accordance with the decision of the Information Technology and communication Board dated 12.04.2013 and numbered 2013/DK-ETD/187 dated 29.07.2015 and numbered 2015/DK-ETD/359, İSTTELKOM you can find the facilities sharing forms and Fee tariff at the links below.


Facility Sharing Agreement Download
Facility Sharing Workflow Diagram Download
Facility Sharing Request Form Download
Facility Share Request Form Download
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